The Berkeley/South Pasadena House

dscn0350.jpgThought I’d do a post tonight on another Craftsman style house – one that was featured on the series finale of The O.C.  On the last show of the series, after the Cohen home is destroyed in an earthquake, Seth and Ryan hatch a scheme to buy their parents back the Berkeley house they spent the early years of their marriage in.  The Berkeley house cannot really be found in Berkeley, though – it is actually located in South Pasadena, just a few blocks from the 13 Going On 30 houses

I found this location thanks to my fave OC Stalking Guide and ran right out to stalk it this weekend.  The house is very pretty in person, and is a great example of Craftsman style architecture.  Although the house was only featured in one episode of The O.C., it played a pretty significant role and was shown many times throughout the finale.  If you walk south past the house, you can even see partially into the backyard where Summer and Seth got married.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  : )

Stalk It: The “Berkeley House” is located at 1617 Marengo Avenue in South Pasadena.  It is just a few blocks south of the Fair Oaks exit off the 110 Freeway.  After stalking be sure to stop into Fair Oaks Pharmacy at nearby 1526 Mission Street for a homemade cherry coke.  They make the best!  Fair Oaks Pharmacy played the role of the soda fountain in Winona Ryder’s hometown in the movie Mr. Deeds.


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