You’re Going to Hollywood, Dog!

dscn0319.jpgGot a challenge from Hilary last week to find the apartment building that the Top 12 American Idols just moved into.  This challenge was actually a slam dunk as a good friend of mine used to live in the Idols building.  So I just called him up and got the address (Thanks, DH!)  The Idols live in The Marlowe apartment building in Los Angeles, and let me tell you – they are some nice digs!  If I could carry a tune, I might audition for the show just for a chance to live there!

dscn0324.jpgThe Marlowe is a humongous upscale apartment complex, complete with outdoor pool, patio areas, fitness center, concierge service, gardens, and community barbecues.  It is practically a resort!  The front of the building is currently under renovation, but if it ends up looking anything like the back of the building, it’s going to be gorgeous!  The Marlowe is located in a great neighborhood, right next to the Wilshire Country Club and just a few blocks from Larchmont Village, an adorable little shopping district which also happens to be the filming location of MacGuyver’s loft, but I’ll save that for a future post!   🙂

dscn0322.jpg The past three seasons of Idol  contestants have all lived at the Marlowe, along with the So You Think You Can Dance  kids.  My friend lived in the Marlowe for about a year and a half and witnessed the comings and goings of two seasons worth of Idol  and SYTYCD  contestants.  He used to call and taunt me everytime he saw Heidi, who I absolutely LOVED, from Season 2 of SYTYCD.  Maybe it’s time I take my stalking to the next level and just move into the Marlowe, so I can stalk 24/7!   🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

dscn0320.jpgStalk It:  The Idol apartment building is located at 445 N. Rossmore in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.  You can see even more pictures here.  If you want to get an even closer view of where the Idols live, you can visit the leasing office and request a tour.  I tried to take a tour, but by the time I got to the Marlowe last night, the “Leasing Lounge” was closed.  Such a bummer!  😦  After stalking the Idols, head to nearby Larchmont Village for an afternoon coffee and some shopping.  Larchmont Village is located on Larchmont Boulevard between Beverly Boulevard and 3rd Street.


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  1. Thank you!!! You are amazing! We actually just went to an Idol taping on Wednesday. I will have to stalk the Marlowe apartments the next time I visit L.A.!

    Oh! We also stalked some OC sites from the Seeing Stars website. We got to go inside the Cooper-Nichol mansion!!! I put all the pictures on my blog if you want to take a look.

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