Les Baux de Palm Springs

img_2084.jpgThanks to the Real Estalker’s recent post  about the sale of Suzanne Somers’ Palm Springs abode, I was able to stalk it this past weekend while I was in the area.  In 1977, Suzanne and her husband, Alan Hamel, bought their cherished desert home, which they named Les Baux de Palm Springs after the Les Baux village in France.  This leads me to wonder – how does one go about naming their home?  Do they actually go down to the local courthouse and file a home naming petition?  Is that just a rich person/movie star thing?  Because now I am seriously considering naming my house Casa del Cazadora.  🙂

img_2079.jpgStalking the house was highly disappointing as not much of Les Baux is visable from the road.  The house is located behind a tall gate, up a long driveway, on a private road.  All of us stalkers will just have to resort to cyber-stalking the house here.  Les Baux, which sits on over 65 acres, is being listed for a whopping $35 million!!  That’s one heck of a lot of Thigh-Masters!!  The couple is apparently downsizing and building a new home on a lot measuring a measly 15 acres. 

img_2082.jpgOne item stalkers can view from the road is Suzanne’s decaying mailbox.  Now, I’m no real estate agent, but I am pretty sure that if I was listing Suzanne’s house, I’d demand she install a new mailbox.  Heck, for that commission I’d even spring for one myself!  I mean, come on, Suzanne – didn’t anyone teach you about a little thing called curb appeal??  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

img_2081.jpgStalk It:  Les Baux de Palm Springs is located at 385 Alta Vista Road.  For the best views of the house, drive past the gated driveway (and dilapidated mailbox) on Alta Vista Road until it turns into Ridge Road.  You will see Les Baux on the right hand side.  Apparently, Mr. Barry Manilow lives right next door to Les Baux!  Looks like I am going to have to stalk him next time I am in the neighborhood.


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