You, Me and Owen Wilson

dscn0282.jpg In honor of Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson’s rekindled romance (pictures of the two frolicking in Miami surfaced on the pages of US Magazine this week), I decided to stalk Owen’s Santa Monica abode.  Several months back, I had read an article on TMZ which chronicled Owen’s suicide attempt and listed his home’s general location as the 900 block of 23rd Street.  A different article published at the same time described his home as “gated”.   So, this past Saturday, armed with those two clues, I set out to find his house. 

dscn0284.jpgSuccess came rather easily, being that there is only one gated home located on the entire 900 block of 23rd Street.  🙂  I am continually shocked by the normalcy of so many celebrity homes, and Owen’s was no different.  While large and beautiful, his home was in a very normal Santa Monica neighborhood and I would never guess a movie star lived behind the tall hedges. 

dscn0283.jpgOwen lives in an adorable white clapboard residence and, although much of the house is blocked by tall palm trees and other foliage, you can catch a good view of the side of it by walking along 23rd Street.  You can see the back of the house by driving down the alleyway in between 23rd and 24th Streets. 

Update:  Just got a comment from JJ saying that Owen moved out of this house and into a new Malibu house.  Did a little research and apparently JJ is correct.  Looks like I have a new location to stalk!!  🙂  From what I can find online it seems Owen still owns this Santa Monica house.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Owen Wilson lives at 947 23rd Street in Santa Monica, in between Idaho Avenue and Washington Avenue.  After stalking Owen, you can visit Courteney Cox’s former home, which is located in the same neighborhood at 606 Alta Drive. 



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2 responses to “You, Me and Owen Wilson

  1. jj

    He moved to his newly-constructed home in Malibu months ago, fyi.

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