Charlie’s Angels

dscn0286.jpgAlthough I am not a big fan of Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle – it was just a bit too over the top for me! – when I found the address of Cameron Diaz’s house from the movie on my fave stalking website – and since I just happened to be in the neighborhood this weekend –  I just had to stalk it! 

dscn0287.jpgIn Charlie’s Angels 2, Cameron Diaz’s character, Natalie, moves into a new beachfront home with her boyfriend, Pete.  That house is located in Hermosa Beach and it is absolutely adorable!!  The home was actually built in 1905, as stated on a plaque located on the front of the house.  It’s not very hard to see why the producers chose to use this house for filming – it is extremely charming and cute, much like Cameron’s character in the movie.  I highly recommend stalking it, even if you are not a Full Throttle  fan!

Stalk It:  Natalie’s house is located at 2028 The Strand in Hermosa Beach.  You can park on Hermosa Avenue and hit up the shops (and Starbucks!) before making your way down Pier Avenue towards The Strand – a walkway that runs along the beach.  The house is located near where The Strand meets 20th Street. 


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