Phil Hartman’s House

While in Encino stalking Scott Baio this weekend, I happened to check in my fave Hollywood Tour Book for other stalking locations in the area.  That is one of the reasons I always keep my tour book in my car – you never know when you might need it!  It’s like an Amex card – I don’t leave home without it!  I also just got a new car with a built-in GPS system and I must say, it is the best thing that ever happened to this stalker!  I used to rely on my blackberry to get me from location to location while out and about stalking – but the GPS is a million times better!  It even talks to me!  I highly recommend getting one for all of your stalking endeavors! 

dscn0242.jpgAnyway, one of the nearby Encino locations was, sad to say, Phil Hartman’s former home.  This is the home he was murdered in by his wife Brynn on May 28, 1998.  I can hardly believe it’s been almost ten years already.  I have always been a big fan of Phil Hartman’s, especially after seeing Houseguest – one of my all time favorite movies – so I had to stalk the house. 

dscn0241.jpgHis home wasn’t at all what I was expecting – it is a normal looking house that is very close to the road with an open wrought-iron fence that you can see right through.  I was surprised that Phil, at the height of his News Radio  fame, would live in such a normal home.  Maybe I really shouldn’t be surprised as he did always seem like such a normal, down to earth guy.  There are some very odd topiaries and garden sculptures all over the front yard – but I am guessing the new owners put them there to detract from bad memories. 

If you are looking for a happier location to stalk, I would recommend stalking the Groundlings, Phil Hartman’s former improv school.  The black box theatre located inside the Groundlings was named in Phil’s honor after his death.  Lisa Kurdow, Kathy Griffin, PeeWee Herman, and Jennifer Coolidge are all Groundlings alums.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Phil Hartman’s former home is located at 5065 Encino Ave. in Encino.  You can also visit the Phil Hartman Theatre at the Groundlings, which is located at 7307 Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles.  I would definitely recommend catching a Groundlings show if you can – they are HILARIOUS!  My fave show is the Crazy Uncle Joe long-form improv show on Wednesday nights at 8pm.

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