Jen’s New Digs!

img_1378.jpgJust got a comment from Ann asking if Ms. Jen Aniston still resides in her Malibu rental, the Larry Ellison owned home located on Carbon Beach.  Actually, back in December, Jen moved out of that house and into a Hal Levitt designed home, only a block away from Courteney Cox’s new house, in Beverly Hills.  I found Jen’s new address on one of my fave stalkings sites, Big Time Listings, and immediately went to go stalk it.  Unfortunately, like so many movie star homes, no part of the house is visible from the street- so I had to settle for some Zillow stalking, instead.  In the Zillow shot, you can see the extensive remodeling Jen had done to the house before she moved in.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Jen’s new house is located at 1004 N. Hillcrest Road in Beverly Hills.  “Friend” Courteney Cox lives in the same neighborhood at 1012 Wallace Ridge Road, but I have yet to stalk her house.  Simon Cowell also lives nearby at 717 N. Palm Drive.


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