“I Am Jenna Rink – Big Time Magazine Editor!”

First, let me just say how happy I am that Britney apparently survived Starbucks three hour closure today!  It’s truly a minor miracle!!

 Anyway, on with the post . . .

img_1686.jpgThis past December while on vacation in New York, I happened to walk by a building that I immediately recognized as the “Poise” offices from 13 Going On 30.   I am not sure if it was the gold-framed revolving door that gave it away, or just the fact that I have seen 13 Going On 30  way too many times, but nevertheless I knew the building was used as Jenna Rink’s office the moment I spotted it.  The “Poise” office building was actually built in 1931 and used to house Newsweek Magazine.  It is now home to New York Magazine. 

The store where Jenna shops in the movie and forgets her credit card is Henri Bendel and it is located just a few blocks away at 712 Fifth Avenue.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  The “Poise” offices are located at 444 Madison Avenue in New York City, between 49th and 50th Streets.  Just a half a block down from the office building is the New York Palace Hotel, where much of the TV show Gossip Girl  is filmed.  On the show, Serena lives at the Palace with her parents and often hangs out in the Gilt bar, which can be found just off the hotel’s courtyard. 


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