Where the Stars Shop!

img_1954.jpgWhile Rodeo Drive is the most widely known shopping mecca for the rich and famous, there is another lesser known shopping street in West Hollywood that the celebs swarm to in droves for their version of retail therapy.  That street is called Robertson Boulevard and it is home to a little store named Kitson.  Kitson is a celeb favorite – the  boutique for all things trendy – and has remained so for the past few years.  On any given day, you might spot Lindsay Lohan, Paris and Nikki Hilton, Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore, or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  It is the Les Deux of shopping.

Kitson always carries the latest and greatest, but – be prepared – it can be pricey.  Kitson was the very first shop to come out with the “Team” t-shirts that have become ever so popular.  Starting with “Team Aniston” (YAY!) vs. “Team Jolie”, Kitson then branched out into “Team Paris” vs. “Team Nicole” and “Team Lauren” vs. “Team Heidi.”  They sell everything from Kabbalah bracelets to Hudson Jeans to Victoria Beckham’s new book– which is (surprisingly) fantastic, by the way!  Lauren Conrad’s line of clothing and purses can also be purchased at Kitson. 

Kitson is not the only celeb magnet on Robertson.  You might remember the Lisa Klein store from an early episode of Newlyweds –it’s the shop where the salespeople had to drop down a special black-out curtain to stop the paparazzi from watching Jessica Simpson shop.  Lindsay Lohan got into one of her many car accidents on Robertson Blvd. and she ended up running into Hideaway House Antiques to hide from the paparazzi.  The most popular celeb restaurant of them all – The Ivy – can also be found on Robertson.  The Ivy is the  place to “do lunch” and be seen in Hollywood.  Tom and Katie went there on one of their first dates, John Travolta dined there in the movie Get Shorty  and Lindsay Lohan is a regular.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Robertson Boulevard is located north of the 10 Freeway in West Hollywood.  Kitson can be found at 115 S. Robertson – but if you can’t make it out to West Hollywood, you can shop Kitson from the comfort of your own home at www.shopkitson.com.  The Ivy is located at 113 N. Robertson – keep your eyes peeled for the paparazzi who usually wait for the celebs with cameras poised directly across the street.  While shopping on Robertson, be sure to hit up the MAC Cosmetics Pro Store, located at 133 N. Robertson – it’s by far my favorite MAC store in all of LA. 


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