Courteney Cox’s Old Stomping Grounds

img_1950.jpgIn honor of the recent sale of Courteney Cox’s John Lautner designed Malibu home, I thought I’d do a little stalking of a house she lived in way back in the day.  During the first two seasons of Friends, Courteney Cox lived in a charming little house in Santa Monica, located just a few blocks from the ultra-exclusive shopping district of Montana Avenue. 

It’s funny to imagine Courteney living in such a normal house in such a normal neighborhood during the height of Friends.  While the house is pretty private, it lacks the large gates, walls, and driveways that are so common to movie-star homes.  Standing in front of Courteney’s former house, I was left wondering if Jen Aniston came to visit often.  If only I had known Courteney’s address back then!!!!  In 1996, she sold this home and moved to a larger home in Brentwood.

I found this location thanks to Big Time Listings who posted a great article on all of Courteney’s former digs.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Courteney’s home from her early days on Friends  is located at 606 Alta Drive in Santa Monica.  After stalking her house, head over to Montana Avenue for some great shopping and dining.  Arnold Schwarzenegger often eats breakfast at Cafe Montana, located at 1534 Montana Ave., on Sunday mornings with his family.  You’ll know he’s there by the three or four black SUV’s parked outside and the oh-so-subtle secret service agents stationed at the front doors of the Cafe.



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2 responses to “Courteney Cox’s Old Stomping Grounds

  1. perrystreet

    I love your blog!!
    I enjoy with your histories!

    bye, lorena

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