Yamashiro Restaurant – Looking Down on All of Hollywood!

YamashiroOn Saturday, my boyfriend took me to dinner at a former Japanese palace called Yamashiro, located in Hollywood – 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard, to be exact.  The restaurant has the most amazing views of Hollywood and surrounding LA that I have ever seen and it was a pretty incredible place to spend an evening – and the food was absolutely yummy!  And, need I mention, Yamashiro has also served as a backdrop for countless movie and TV productions.  🙂

img_1956.jpgYamashiro, which means “Mountain Palace” in Japanese, was actually one of the very first Hollywood hot spots.  Built in 1914, on over seven acres of land, as a private home to the Bernheimer Brothers, it was modeled after a palace located in the Yamashiro Mountains in Kyoto, Japan.  After the death of one of the brothers in 1922, Yamashiro was sold and became home to celeb hot spot the “400 Club” – an exclusive hangout for the Hollywood Royalty of the 20’s and 30’s.  Sadly, during WWII the property was destroyed by vandals due to anti-Japanese sentiment, and it fell into disarray.  It later became a boys’ military school.  The property remained in disrepair until it was purchased by Thomas O. Glover in 1948, who painstakingly returned Yamashiro to its original glory.  The pagoda, located in Yamashiro’s garden area, is actually the oldest structure in California!

img_1957.jpgWhile you are there, be sure to walk through the gardens on the property and take a look at the exquisite inner courtyard inside the restaurant.  If you visit Yamashiro at night, keep your eyes on the Capital Records Building – the light on the spire atop the building spells out the word “Hollywood” in old Morse Code – a little tidbit of Hollywood trivia that I didn’t know until last night.  You learn something new everyday!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Yamashiro is located at the very top of Hollywood at 1999 N. Sycamore Street.  If you go there for dinner be sure to try the Yamashiro Crispy Chicken and the Butter Lettuce Wraps – so yummy!  Yamashiro would actually be the perfect place to have Valentine’s  dinner – or a romantic Valentine’s drink!  Besides being a great place to eat, Yamashiro has a vast filming history – including being featured in the movies Gone in 60 Seconds,  Blind Date,  Memoirs of a Geisha, and countless commercials and TV shows.



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2 responses to “Yamashiro Restaurant – Looking Down on All of Hollywood!

  1. Hi,

    EJ steered me to your site. I take care of the technical aspects of The Movieland Directory. We like these olde tyme Hollywood stories. I looked up Bernheimer in The Movieland Directory (http://www.movielanddirectory.com/search-results.cfm?ftext=Bernheimer) If you click on Adolphe, it shows the Sycamore address, which brings up some of these movies you mention and a couple of other interesting tidbits. We’ve got some updates coming soon – we’re swapping out the entire database. It’s going to grow from about 30,000 records to just over 50,000. I’ll add this link to the Sycamore address. BTW…the pagoda as the “oldest structure in California”? I think Father Serra might disagree. http://www.meridianmagazine.com/ideas/030901cali.html. Maybe it’s…the oldest pagoda? 🙂 Regards. Tony Fleming, The Movieland Directory

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the comment! About the pagoda – it was originally located in Japan, where it stood for hundreds of years before it was brought to Yamashiro. It’s currently the oldest structure standing in California – it just wasn’t always in California. 🙂
    Happy Stalking :),

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