Bolthouse Productions – Where Heidi “Works”

img_1474.jpgOn The Hills, Heidi supposedly works at the event planning company Bolthouse Productions.  I say “supposedly” not because I doubt that she actually works there, but because I doubt that she actually does any work.  It seems the only two things Heidi ever does while at “work” are gossip with various co-workers about her many problems with Spencer and gossip with various co-workers about her many problems with Lauren.

img_1473.jpgEven so, I just had to stalk the location of Bolthouse Productions.  The location was easy enough to find with a simple google search.  After snapping a picture out in front of the building, I had to sneak around back to see the spot where Spencer told Heidi “Sweet!  My answer is get out of my car!”   🙂

On a side note, thanks to a comment from E.J. and his stalking website, I found a link to a GREAT map with tons of Hills filming locations!  You can view the map here.  Looks like I have some more stalking to do! 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:Bolthouse Productions is located at 7966 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, not too far from Speidi’s apartment complex.  You’ll recognize the building right away by the “sbe” sign located near the roof.  There is plenty of street parking, so you can get out and snap a quick picture.  Be sure not to bother Heidi at work, though, as I am sure Brent Bolthouse is not too appreciative when Heidi gets distracted from her many daily event planning duties.  🙂 


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3 responses to “Bolthouse Productions – Where Heidi “Works”

  1. sara

    where do heidi and spencer live????

  2. Marcus

    Where does Stephanie Pratt live?

  3. emma

    where does Lauren, Lo and Audrina live?
    (you now, in that house they moved in to)

    and where can I find Lauren and Audrinas old apartman?

    hope you can help me soon, because im living on wednesday.
    please help me!

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