Josh and Fergie’s Place!

img_1374.jpgMy very favorite star in the world is Jennifer Aniston, but I have to say that Josh Duhamel runs a pretty close second.  I so heart Josh Duhamel!  So, needless to say, I have spent many an hour on google looking for his house.  Thanks to one of my favorite stalking websites  – I was pointed in the right direction. 

Last June, Berg Properties posted an article on their website with details about Josh and Fergie’s new Brentwood area home, complete with their new address and the address of Josh’s former bachelor-pad.  As quick as you can say Fergilicious I was in my car heading to Brentwood to scope out the two houses.  

img_1377.jpgJosh’s old house is completely average and normal looking.  You’d never guess a movie star lived there.  Just goes to show what a down-to-earth guy he is.  Sigh! 

img_1375.jpgHis new house is ginormous – it almost looks like an apartment building – complete with shiny stainless steel front doors.  The house is very stalker-friendly and has no surrounding gate, so you can pretty much get a full view of it from the street.  His neighbors are not so stalker-friendly, though, as one of them came out and yelled at me while I was taking pictures!  While at the house, don’t miss Fergie’s gold hummer parked in the driveway with its chain link license plate frame – which begs the question “What the heck is he doing with her???”  Everyone knows he should be with me!  🙂 

Until next time, happy stalking!

Stalk It:  Josh and Fergie’s place is located at 1310 N. Kenter Avenue, a few miles north of where it breaks off from Bundy.  Director Brian De Palma also lived in this house once upon a time.  Josh’s former bachelor-pad is located just down the street from his new house at 1135 N. Kenter Avenue.   Remember, these are private residences.  Do not trespass or disturb the occupants!



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2 responses to “Josh and Fergie’s Place!

  1. Vanessa

    hi ! are you sure its the right address ? and how did ya find it ? can u answer me at plzzz

  2. Peabody4life

    Well im a huuuge Fergie fan and i know that this is definetly her house and address….

    Her house is amazing!

    Peas & Love


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