Lauren Conrad’s New Digs!

07-231651_28.jpgJust heard that LC from The Hills is moving on up out of her Park La Brea apartment into a house in LA.  Thanks to one of my favorite celeb location blogs – The Real Estalker – – you can see the inside of it.  🙂 

07-231651_16.jpgAccording to Real Estalker, Lauren’s house is on North Orange Grove Avenue in Los Angeles.  Of course, I just had to do a little Google searching to see if I could come up with the exact address and sure enough I found a whole site about the house:

Can’t wait to go stalk it!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 

07-231651_23.jpgStalk It: LC’s new digs are located at 1627 N. Orange Grove Avenue in Los Angeles.  Remember this is a private home, so no trespassing or bothering our favorite Laguna Beach alum!



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3 responses to “Lauren Conrad’s New Digs!

  1. Amanda

    I heard that Lauren and Whitney have been fired from Teen Vogue. Reasons being they are not “representing” the company well, with their partying and cat fights! Just curious if you have heard anything or know what the fate of her “new” home may be!

  2. Mark

    No – they were not fired, Whitney left because she felt as if she had gone as far as she could with Teen Vogue, and Lauren soon followed, realizing that she could do better elsewhere, and that her talents were being wasted dressing models back stage.

  3. Sean

    omg I actually saw pics of this house when I was hunting for real estate not too long ago! this is soo weird I had no idea it would soon be LC’s house.

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