Beverly Hills, 90210!

90210 houseIf you lived out your high school years sometime during the nineties, I am sure you were as obsessed with Beverly Hills, 90210  as I was.  Big houses, fancy cars, expensive clothes, Luke Perry – what was not to love about the teen soap opera?  The Walsh Family’s Spanish Style Beverly Hills home was the very first filming location I ever found – and it is still my very favorite!  For some odd reason, I am still just as crazy obsessed with 90210  now as I was 10 years ago when it was on the air! 

The Walsh House is not actually located in Beverly Hills.  Like many of the other 90210 filming locations, the home is located in  the Pasadena area.  It looks much the same as it did back in the 90210 days, and most people will be interested to know that real life boy and girl twins live there.  Legend has it that the interior of the home, including Brandon and Brenda’s shared bathroom, was modeled after the real home’s interior.  The house is still owned by the same family as it was in the 90210  days.  The father was a Pasadena area school teacher who was able to retire due to the money he made from his home being used on such a popular TV show!  When you drive by, be sure to look down the driveway for the basketball hoop attached to the garage.  Yes, it’s the same one where Brandon and Jim often played driveway basketball and talked about their new life in Beverly Hills.

Unlike most homes used in television shows, the house on Altadena Drive was actually used as a filming location many times during the years 90210 was on the air.  For most TV productions, film crews simply shoot a few establishing shots of exteriors that they then use over and over again during the course of a show’s run.  But 90210 often returned to the actual home to shoot on location.  A few episodes you might remember – when the Walsh twins discover Emily Valentine has left brownies at their front door; when Brandon’s girlfriend from Minnesota comes to visit and chooses to ride in Dylan’s Porsche rather than Brandon’s car, Mondale; after Jackie and Mel’s wedding when Dylan goes speeding off in his Porsche leaving Brenda at the curb pining after him; and when 49er Quarterback Steve Young plays a game of football with Brandon in their front yard.

img_1832.jpgConveniently located just a few doors down from the Walsh Home, on the corner of East Altadena Dr. and Porter Avenue is Dylan McKay’s craftsman bungalow.   The home is much bigger in person than it seemed when it played the role of bachelor pad for emancipated minor Dylan McKay.   Not only is it a beautiful home, but it is also an excellent representation of the Craftsman Style architecture that is popular in Pasadena. 

When the Peach Pit was remodeled during Season Two of Beverly Hills, 90210, the filmmakers used  Ruby’s Diner in Pasadena to film the exterior of the gang’s hangout.  Unfortunately, Ruby’s Diner closed its doors in 2005, and a new restaurant moved in.  Although little has changed on the exterior of the old Ruby’s Diner, it is pretty hard to recognize the place as Brandon and Brenda’s home away from home.  The new restaurant has been painted a bright yellow, but the double silver doors that used to open to the Peach Pit, remain. 

file000.jpgThe Beverly Hills Beach Club is another sad story, as this filming location no longer exists.  It was badly damaged during the Northridge Earthquake and was never repaired.  At the present time it is being torn down to build a new beach club.  It used to be located at 415 Pacific Coast Highway, next to the Back on the Beach restaurant.  The beach club has an interesting history, as it was originally a 118 room mansion built by William Randloph Hearst for his mistress Marion Davies.  In 1955, the main house was torn down and the servants quarters were turned into the Sand and Sea Club, which closed in 1991, just as Beverly Hills, 90210 was heating up.  After the Northridge Quake, the property was boarded up and fenced in and it sat vacant for years.  One used to be able to walk right up to it and spot where Kelly and the gang spent their many summers.   Note – this was the very same beach club that was used during one summer season of Saved by the Bell – the same summer that Zack fell in love with Stacey Carossi.

Most of these locations I found in one of my favorite stalking books, “The Ultimate Hollywood Tour  Book” by William L. Holden.  It is a GREAT resource for stalkers everywhere!

 Until next time, Happy Stalking! 

Stalk It:  .  Brandon and Brenda’s home is located at 1675 East Altadena Dr.  in Altadena, CA.  You can exit directly onto Altadena Drive off the 210 Freeway – just head north about three miles and the home will be on your right.  Dylan’s home is located about half a block away at 1605 E. Altadena Dr.  I recommend making a right on Porter Avenue and then a left on Crest Dr. to see the extent of the property.  It’s pretty incredible.   You can find the Peach Pitt a few miles away at 45 S. Fair Oaks Avenue in Old Town Pasadena.    The Beach Club used to be located in Santa Monica at 415 Pacific Coast Highway.  You can still see some remnants of the Club today, but sadly, most of it has already been torn down.  I would recommend grabbing breakfast next door, at Back on the Beach Restaurant and afterwards walking by the former beach club.  Be sure to try the mocha’s at Back on the Beach – they are fantastic!


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15 responses to “Beverly Hills, 90210!

  1. La

    Wow! I seriously love this site. I wish you’d taken it further and stalked Kelly & Donna’s old place. I seriously loved that apt when I was younger… too funny.

  2. Have you no faith in me? 🙂 Been there, stalked that – so stay tuned. 🙂
    Thanks for commenting!
    Happy Stalking!

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  4. Kevin

    You. Are. Awesome. My wife and I will always be HUGE fans of 90210 (we’re 26 so grew up in the perfect time for the show to be super awesome) and are actually coming to LA this summer. We’re definitely using your blog as a guide to find these locations. I’ve always had the obsession of seeking out locations of my favorite movies/shows. Glad to see I’m not the only one!!! I love this site, going on my Favorites list right now!!! Thanks!

    (Do you have a picture of the Peach Pit?)

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  6. Alexandra

    And West Beverly high school was filmed at Torrance high school.

  7. Amanda

    Have you found the house where Carley and Zach lived and later David moved into? What about the Beverly Beat location?

  8. Hola Te escribo desde guadalajara, jalisco mexico, vi tu website y me gusto , tambien soy fan de beverlyhills 90210, el mes pasado fui a la casa de los walsh en altadena, a west beverly high en torrence y tome algunas fotos que puedes ver en mi website, saludos y espero me escribas, bye

  9. Stacy

    YAY!! but aww, it makes me sad to see the beach club like that. 😦

  10. katherine

    Thats awesome!! When I go to california I am certainly going to be hitting up these locations!! I always wondered where those houses were. Thanks for sharing this info with the rest of us 90210 creeps!

  11. Steve

    neptune ave 90266
    search that in
    for beach house its at the end of the is a screen shot if you need help with streets

  12. Steve

    for the collage they used
    Occidental College‎

    durning the collage years you will see some of the campus signs that say Occidental College‎ at the bottom.

  13. Renata

    I am a fun of Beverly Hills 90210 as well.
    I’m going to travel to LA this year.
    Can you tell me which is the shortest way from South Figueroa Street to Altadena and Fair Oaks?
    I don’t ant to miss it…:)

    Renata from Europe/Hungary/

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  15. Lucila

    Hi!… I’m from Argentina… I really, really get emocionet about the article… you made me remaind my childhood and teen age when I was crazy about 90210!!… thank you!!!
    Its a great site, I hope some day can go there on that places you`ve mencioned and see `cause shurelly is like you say on it… thank lot again!
    Hi to all of you guys fan of Beverly Hills from Argentina!!… always on our hearts!!

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