What Not To Shear – Nick Arrojo’s Studio in New York

I guess I come by my obsessions naturally – the apple does not fall too far from the tree as they say, because my mom has been completely obsessed with the show What Not To Wear for years now.  She is especially obsessed with Nick Arrojo, the hairstylist from the TLC makeover show.  She had been chattering for over two years about how much she wanted Nick to cut her hair – so this year for her birthday we surprised her with a haircut from Nick which we scheduled during our New York vacation.  Needless to say my mom was SUPER EXCITED!  She cried for about ten minutes after she found out.

Finding Nick’s salon was easy – I just did a Google search of Nick Arrojo and What Not To Wear,  and his website – www.arrojostudio.com   – popped up.  Then I called and simply made an appointment.  It was that easy. 

img_0317.jpgFlash forward six weeks to our trip in New York – my mom was so excited she could hardly talk!  I was a little nervous, as the receptionist had told me when I made the appointment that my mom would get 45 minutes with Nick.  That didn’t seem like very much time and I was worried that the whole appointment would be rushed and my mom wouldn’t get the special attention I wanted her to have.  I could not have been more wrong!  We were at Nick’s studio for over 3 hours and my mom was made to feel like she was queen for the day.  The appointment was not rushed in any way, shape or form, and Nick could not have been any more humble or down to earth. His assistant, Nicole, was fabulous, as well. 

img_0321.jpgOverall, it was a perfect day for my mom, and an even more perfect birthday present.  If you are a fan of Nick, I highly recommend saving your pennies and booking a haircut – you will not regret it. 


img_0412.jpgOh and my mom’s hair turned out FABULOUS!  She loves it -everyone loves it.  The only downside is that now that we are back in LA she has no idea how she is going to find a stylist to maintain it.  Guess we’ll just have to head back to New York!

Stalk It:   Nick’s studio is located at 180 Varick Street in SoHo, New York.  Their telephone number is (212)242-7786.  I would recommend calling for an appointment at least a month in advance.  A haircut from Nick will run you $500, but it is worth every penny!  If you would like a less expensive haircut, you can get sheared by one of his trained stylists for a fraction of the cost. 



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