Maddox’s School

img_1675.jpgEven though I am 100 percent on Team Aniston, while I was in New York, one of my obsessions was finding Maddox’s school.  I was really hoping Brad and Angie would be in town and I could just park myself in front of the school and wait for a sighting.  🙂  But, for this stalker, it was not to be.

Maddox’s school wasn’t hard to find at all – I just did a Google search for “Maddox school New York” on my trusty Blackberry and up it came – Lycee Francais on East 75th Street.  I knew it had to be somewhere on the exclusive Upper East Side and sure enough, it was.

img_1676.jpgWhen we got there, I immediately recognized the metal and glass doors from the hundreds of paparazzi photos taken of Maddox’s comings and goings from the school.  When I posed in front of the doors to take a picture, a guy inside gave me a pretty dirty look.  Lycee Francais must not be very stalker friendly. 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!

Stalk It:  Lycee Francais is located at 505 W. 75th Street – pretty much on the corner of 75th and York – on the Upper East Side.  After checking out Maddox’s alma mater, journey just a few blocks west to Via Quadronno at 25 E. 73rd Street for an Upper East Side breakfast of awesome cappuccinos and the best croissants you will ever eat! 


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