Howard Stern’s Building

Why oh why did this article just come out today when I am already back on the West Coast??  Apparently Howard Stern is very upset that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have moved onto the same block where he resides.  While I was in New York this past week, I was obsessively keeping my eyes peeled at every children’s playground in Central Park hoping to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Garner and little Violet.  Had I only known they were living just steps away from Howard, whose apartment my boyfriend and I stalked on our last trip to NYC! 

img_0399.jpgMy boyfriend is a HUGE fan of Howard, and while he gets extremely embarrassed of my stalking, he didn’t at all mind stalking Mr. Stern.  AND while we were taking pictures outside of his building, Beth Ostrosky walked outside and into a waiting car.  She was really beautiful in person and quite tall!

img_0398.jpgI found Howard’s apartment in my trusty John’s New York Star Map – don’t leave home to stalk New York without it!

Reminder – this is a private building!  Do not attempt to enter the building or bother the residents! 

Stalk It:Howard and Beth live on the Upper West Side in the very large, very modern Millennium Tower Building at 101 W. 67th Street, directly across the street from Starbucks.  His Sirius radio show broadcasts every weekday morning from 1221 Avenue of the Americas, right near Rockefeller Center.  John’s Star Maps can be purchased at


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  1. I am so glad our John’s New York Star Map helped you (and your boyfriend) realize your dreams and find Howard Stern. Actually, he’s really not that hard to find, just go to the Upper West Side and look for the really tall guy with the giant schnozolla, and the equally model-tall, uber-blonde trophy-fiancée, and chances are you’ve found him..and he usually has a few screaming fans chasing him back to the limo, but it doesn’t hurt to bring along a star map just in case!

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