Star Stalking – East Coast Style

claire-danes.jpgWell, here I am back on the West Coast – wishing I was still in New York!  😦  I had a fabulous time in Manhattan and did a ton of stalking!  I am exhausted tonight, so I will have to save my longer NYC posts for later.  But I wanted to say that I did spot Claire Danes walking on Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District on Friday morning.  I seriously doubt she was walking around looking for Samantha’s apartment or the bar from 13 Going On 30 like I was, but I was excited to see her just the same.  She was very tall in person – well, tall by Hollywood standards – I’d say about 5’7 or 5’8 and very blond.  I didn’t talk to her, but I did snap a pic on my Blackberry.  🙂  It’s kinda fuzzy, but if you zoom in you can see it’s her! 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!



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2 responses to “Star Stalking – East Coast Style

  1. Claire Fan

    Sorry, the very lovely and very thin Ms. Danes is actually just 5’5.” I met her and was actually surprised she wasn’t taller–she looks larger onscreen.

    Was she with Hugh Dancy? When is she going to dump him?

  2. Guven

    I have seen her this year in London at a resturant with an ugly guy as short as her. the guy maybe was just a friend , dunno. and she is not beautiful at all, she is cute and a shortgirl with anunsmiling face. I haven’t talked to her since my g.f would be jealous lol but i would like to spend a night with her if i had such chance.

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