New York, New York!

Well, today I am heading to my other favorite coast – New York City – for a short vacation! Since I won’t be blogging for the rest of the week, I am leaving you with a few of my favorite NYC stalking locations!  It’s actually quite possible I have found more filming locations in Manhattan than I have in LA.

Carrie’s Brownstone On my first visit to New York three years ago, the one absolutely-I-would-not-get-on-the-plane-home-until-I-found-it stalking location was Carrie’s brownstone from Sex and the City.  I ended up locating the street the home is on through an extensive Google search that took me about 4 hours – not that I was obsessed or anything! 

going inside!Our first day in New York, my dad had a consultation with a heart surgeon (the entire purpose of our trip, actually) and I remember asking the doctor if we could speed the tests along as I had to get over to Greenwich Village to find Carrie’s house!  🙂  Once his tests were finally over, I headed to Perry Street in the Village and walked up the short, absolutely adorable, street, until I found the house.  I recognized #66 immediately from its ornate front doors. 

SJP’s houseJust a few blocks away is SJP’s brownstone, which I did not locate until the following year.  This location was a lucky find!  I had happened upon John’s Star Maps: New York Cityon one day and immediately ordered two copies, hoping it would be a good stalking resource.  I was completely floored to find SJP’s address listed as 57 Charles Street.  (That is my best friend and I in the picture.)

Magnolia Bakery!Just a few blocks away from both locations is Magnolia Bakery, which was used in an early episode ofSATC.  You may remember Carrie and Miranda sitting on a bench out front eating cupcakes.  Well, in real life, there is no bench – but there are cupcakes!  The BEST cupcakes in the entire world, actually!  When the gourmet cupcake craze hit LA early this year, I sampled each and every bakery in the hopes that one would be as good as Magnolia.  How sad was I that none even came close!  So, unfortunately, I can only get my fix once a year when I visit NYC.  And let me tell you – absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Anyway, I am off to NYC!  Maybe I will happen upon SATC: The Movie being filmed!!!!!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!

Stalk It: Carrie’s brownstone is located at 66 Perry Street in the West Village, just off Bleeker.  Perry Street is one of my favorite streets in all of New York – it is the quintessential New York Street – probably why they used it for SATC.  SJP’s house can be found just one block south at 57 Charles Street.  Remember these are private homes – do not trespass or disturb the residents!  Magnolia Bakery is located just a few short blocks away at 401 Bleeker Street – don’t be deterred by the long line, it moves fast.  John’s Star Maps: New York City can be purchased at – I highly recommend buying one if you are planning a trip to NYC. 


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