More 13 Going On 30!

Jenna’s ApartmentI was pretty obsessed with finding Jennifer Garner’s apartment from 13 Going On 30 for quite some time and I finally found it earlier this year in New York!  It required A LOT of pausing and rewinding my DVD of the movie, but it turns out the apartment is right where the awning of the building said it was  – 51 Fifth Avenue.  Most productions put fake signs or address numbers up during the filming, but in the case of 13 Going On 30, not a whole lot was changed.  Even the two potted trees flanking the front doors of the apartment building were there in real life.  The apartment building is HUGE and really beautiful.  When I looked up at the higher floors, I could definitely picture the “Naked Guy” yelling “Sweetbottom” out of the window.  And I was really hoping a car pulled up to the sidewalk so I could have a tizzy and yell “I don’t get in the car with strangers!” 

And yes, I did go inside the building!  The hallway and entryway were the same ones used in the movie where Jenna asks Becky if she can tell that she is wearing underwear.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!

 Stalk It: Jenna’s apartment building is located near the Flatiron District of Manhattan, at 51 Fifth Avenue.  I would recommend getting off the subway near the Flatiron Building – which is a site to see unto itself.  The Flatiron is located at 175 Fifth Avenue and it was actually used as Jack Nicholson’s agent’s office in As Good As It Gets.  Walk south from the Flatiron Building along Fifth Avenue until you see #51.  The Flatiron District is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Mahattan and there are tons of cool shops and restaurants along the way that you might just want to pop into! 


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