Never Never Land

The Guard ShackNow, even though he is a total freak and definitely should be in jail – I do love me some MJ.  So I was quite distressed to find out last weekend that MJ’s ranch, Neverland, is in a state of disarray and might be sold and torn down.  I just happened to be spending a couple of days in Santa Barbara, so I figured I better go check the place out while I still had the chance.  I dragged my poor boyfriend 45 miles north of SB to Santa Ynez to stalk at the famed gates of Neverland Ranch.

I thought for sure I’d get to see at least the very tip top of one of the roller coasters, or maybe the roof of the mansion, or at the very minimum the famous golden gates with “Neverland” written across them that the media always shows on newscasts about the pop star.  Unfortunately, none of that can be seen from the street.  All that is viewable to the public from Figueroa Mountain Road is a guard house and a simple wooden gate.  The guard house does look like it is straight out of Fantasyland, though – exactly like Snow White’s Castle, but with a Direct TV dish on the roof! 

Thriller!Even though it wasn’t the greatest stalking location and there wasn’t much to see – I was still pretty excited to be able to do the Thriller dance right on MJ’s property! 🙂

 Until next time, Happy Stalking!

Stalk It:  Neverland Ranch is located at 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road in Los Olivos, CA.  It is waaaaaaaay out there in the middle of nowhere and I wouldn’t recommend driving all that way just to see a Disney-esque guard shack.  I would suggest instead doing your stalking from home on this one- armed with your laptop and live local search – you get to see a lot more that way!

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