Finding the Shark House!

The Shark HouseWell, it may have taken me months, but I finally found the property used as James Woods’ home on the CBS legal drama Shark.  Ever since watching the Sharkpilot episode I have been slightly obsessed with Sebastian Stark’s modern style wood and glass abode.  In recent months, though, the house had become the bane of my existence – the one filming location I just simply could not find!!  I Googled the terms “Shark filming locations” more times that I care to admit, I check and rechecked the Shark IMDB web page, and I even attempted to contact the creator of the “Shark Fan” website – all to no avail!

Usually when searching for filming locations, I can find clues somewhere in the background of a movie or a TV show by spotting a distant street sign or a neighboring house’s address.  But freeze-framing my TiVo’d episodes of Shark proved to be no help whatsoever.  Listening to the director’s commentary on a DVD can also provide some clues as to a location.  But since the first season of Shark had yet to be released on DVD , for this particular endeavor I was on my own.  But, like any good stalker, I refused to give up!

My persistence paid off, as one day a light bulb went off in my head!  My boss’ house is registered with one of the biggest filming location companies in Southern California.  It suddenly dawned on me that the Sharkhouse might just be registered with the same company.  After scouring their web-site’s “Modern Properties” section, I found the house!  At that point, I simply called my contact at the location company and voila! – he gave me the address – 2315 Live Oaks Meadow Road in the hills of Malibu, California!

For Sale!The very next day I set out to find the house in person – and how excited I was to find out once I got there that the home was for sale!  It is pretty small in person, as far as Malibu homes go, but extremely quiet and private and even more spectacular in person.  There are only four other homes on the entire street.  My boyfriend snapped some pics of the house as I walked up the driveway to snag a real estate flyer about the property and then we were on our way, this particular stalking adventure a success!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!

Stalk It: The Shark House is located at 2315 Live Oaks Meadow Rd.  Take the Pacific Coast Highway to Las Flores Canyon Road and head up toward the mountains for approximately 2.5 miles.  Make a left on Live Oaks Meadow Road.  The house is three houses down on the right hand side.  If you have an extra $2.4 million to burn, you might even be able to call the Shark house your own!  And yes, of course, I did try to schedule a viewing of the house to see the interior in person, but the brokerage company wanted me to fill out way too much paperwork, so, as obsessive as I can sometimes be, I this one go.  You can see the interior of the home at



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7 responses to “Finding the Shark House!

  1. bigunk

    I was up on that street just the other night. I used to have a friend that lived a few houses down. I wired up the TV system about 20 years ago while it was in construction. So on my way back home from Malibu (I can’t afford to live there), I decided to head over the hill using Las Flores. I saw a lot of changes on Live Oak. Just as I was pulling away, I noticed the Shark house out the corner of my eye. It was very dark, so it was just a guess if it was really the house. Imagine my surprise when I got to this site and got the confirmation. Pretty cool.

  2. john bergstrom

    Well done. I also was curious as to where this house was, since the alleged views of L.A. from his living room were so spectacular. I just watched an episode on DVD, the one where his daughter gets her PSAT scores in the mail and the envelope was addressed to ‘Matthews Street’ in Bel Air. Checking Google maps was useless and I wouldn’t have found it in a billion years!

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  4. Shark

    As a crew member in the film industry–just want to throw in this suggestion to assist you in the future. When looking for a home from a prime-time show, look for what studio produces the show. Example: Shark is a Fox show. You then call Fox and ask for the “shark” production office and ask to speak to “Locations”. If you get transferred to the locations department, you let them know you really enjoy the show and have wondered “where is this house located?” If it’s a home where the owner specifically request this information not be given out, they would be happy to assist you in giving you what City and area . But this is only if time allows them to. It is such a fast-paced, high stress business at times.

    I was a crew member on this very show. And you are right about the house. I can tell you throughout the series, the interiors of the house were filmed on Stage 16 at 20th Century Fox Studios.

  5. TS Gordon

    No, when wishing to find architecturally interesting properties you need to speak to architectural photographers. For me it was Julius Shulman, who knew every inch of Soutyhern California, and through whom the book, “the Architecture of Southern California, v.1” was literally more important a resource book than the History of California, as taught to high school students. Tom Bonner, Mary E. Nichols, Tim Street-Porter, these are your best location scouts living.

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  7. Chris

    HI Lindsay
    You made my day.The Shark house is just the best.
    I live in Switzerland so i cant just go house hunting
    around Malibu. The photos are great,but can u get the info on the designer?? Thanks

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